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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Drug Search?

Local Drug Search is the first website of its kind that empowers consumers to easily compare prices of prescription drugs at the local pharmacies they trust. We pull together information from the major U.S. pharmacies to find you the best prices for prescription drugs in your area. Prescription drug prices can vary widely depending on where you buy them- even for generic drugs. There have been several studies done over time demonstrating the massive price differences you might see - this report from WXYZ TV in Detroit is a good example.

What pharmacies are on LDS?

Currently, we have information for more than forty of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. including Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Costco, Wal-Mart and many regional chains.

A drug I am taking is not on your website

We have over two thousand drugs listed in our database but that does not include ALL the FDA prescription drugs available. To see if your drug is listed, browse by name or by condition. Keep in mind, the same drug may have different trade names so it could be listed under a different name.

Additionally, we do not have pricing from all locations for all drugs and dosages- especially many brand name drugs. But be sure to check back. Our list of providers and prices is always expanding.

How accurate are the prices on your website?

We do our best to ensure the prices are up to date for all the locations listed, but sometimes prices can vary due to regional discretion or state laws. It is best to call the pharmacy to double check the listed price.

I’m not a Costco/Sam’s Club member. Can I still buy my prescription drugs from warehouse clubs?

YES! Federal law states that ANYONE must be allowed to buy prescriptions from ANY licensed pharmacy. This means anyone can buy from the warehouse clubs, even if they are not a member. And people do it all the time. Just go to Sam’s Club or Costco and when the friendly greeter asks for your club card, just tell them you want to fill a prescription and they’ll let you go to the pharmacy.

I'm finding even cheaper prices from online pharmacies not on your website

One of the reasons we created LDS is because people who want to shop for the lowest prices for any product often do so online. But if you were to do price comparisons from online pharmacies you'd find thousands of website with credible sounding names selling questionable products. If you do choose to purchase your prescription drugs from an online pharmacy, make sure they are one of the 28 VIPPS accredited pharmacies by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

I have insurance, are these the prices that I would pay?

Not necessarily. If you are using a health insurance and/or prescription drug plan, you will likely pay a different price than what is being shown on local drug search. This site does not reflect copays or special deals your carrier has negotiated.

I have insurance, why would I use your site?

Certain drugs may not be covered by all health plans or you might be in a “donut hole” where you are paying the full price of prescriptions out-of-pocket.

Sometimes, the cost of buying generics without insurance is even LOWER than buying the drugs with insurance. Many of the generics shown on the site can be purchased for as little as $4 for a 30 day supply, without any insurance. Some pharmacies like Publix and ShopRite give certain antibiotics or diabetes drugs for FREE.

Also, some insurance plans require you to pay a percentage of the drug cost, so it is important to try to keep the cost as low as possible.

I own/manage a pharmacy that is not included and I'd like to be included on your site. Can I be?

Absolutely! Any US based pharmacy can be included in Local Drug Search at no cost. Just email us at and we'll begin the simple process.

Who owns Local Drug Search?

Local Drug Search is the second web venture of Sketch Maven, Inc.

How does Local Drug Search make money?

Like other advertising based websites, Local Drug Search keeps the servers running when visitors click on the Google Adsense ads found on the pages.

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